Moterm Traveler's Notebook Order Notes

This is my longest video yet. Actually it was so long that my phone stopped filming and let me know it was full 🙈 So I had to film in two parts and it took me two days to edit the material and cut out about 30%.

I tried my best with the color correction but my phone apparently did constant focusing or something so the lighting changes... My skill level isn't high enough yet so I could know how to fix that and I would rather fix the issue while filming and not in the editing phase.

Maybe you can hear that I tried my best to articulate better than in the previous videos and I succeeded in that. And I slowly learn editing tricks to make the video a smoother experience to the viewer.

So ladies and gentlemen, here is my newest video introducing my Moterm TN collection (and my spouse was not so happy to find out that I had eight of them in total 😅 )

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