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This video was a quick and easy project. I wanted to test how quickly I am able to make a video from start to finish.

I wasn't trying to make everything as fast as possible but I wanted to try if I can make it in one day - and I did.

This five minute video took me about 2,5 hours. I planned, filmed, edited and published it in a few hours which is a new record for me.

So ladies and gentlemen, here's the video I just wanted to make to share something I discovered by accident:


Gillio Appunto Slim Unboxing II

Yes! I have bought a new computer. Well, not new, but new for me so a used one.

As I have told you before, my own computer couldn't handle video editing at all so I had to borrow one, to even be able to edit on a computer.

The borrowed laptop was as old as my own laptop so although I could edit it was still a very slow process. Exporting a video took usually from three to five hours!

But last week I was at the right place at the right time and got a great deal of the used computer I have been dreaming about.

I am still dealing with some starting issues with the new computer but I'm slowly getting there that I get my video making process running as smoothly as possible.

This video is now the first one I have done with my new computer and the exporting took only about 15 minutes. That was amazing! Quite an improvement there I would say.

So ladies and gentlemen, let me proudly present the unboxing of my one and only birthday present this year:


Color-Coding with Mildliners and Washi Tape


It took me two weeks to edit this video and it feels like the whole world has turned upside down during that time...

Okay, it didn't take me two weeks - I was just avoiding the task. I got stage fright and then I had to go through questioning myself and everything I'm doing.

But yesterday I just went through with it and finished the video.

Life must go on no matter what until it stops. But my life hasn't ended yet and now I have time to do things while I'm stuck at home.

And doing the things you love and bring you joy is a good distraction from all that is going on right now in the world.

So ladies and gentlemen, here is your next sneak peek into my thought process and how I'm doing things:


Spending Tracker in Hobonichi Weeks

Plan More - Edit Less

That was my mantra for this video - or actually after filming it the first time around and realizing that it would be awful to edit and it would take me way too long to make it something worth publishing.

So I took a deep breath, let go of the editing and called it a day.

I hate making things over but after a good night sleep and fresh energy I was ready to film again. 

So I took time for planning and made a manuscript for the video, so everything I want to say will get said and everything else left out.

I filmed and after watching the video I swore that for now on I will plan my videos well before filming. It will save me so much time from editing. Way more than the planning ever will take, so it is a win-win situation. It will take me less time in total and I will get better videos as a result.

New Setup

In this video I had my new filming setup, which I'm very happy about. Now it is so much easier to start filming because I have a permanent setup. Just insert phone and the things to film and action.

So ladies and gentlemen, let's see if you notice any difference in the quality of this video compared to the previous ones.

P.S. The cost of the new setup is in my March Spending Tracker so more about that in a month ;)


Moterm Traveler's Notebook Order Notes

This is my longest video yet. Actually it was so long that my phone stopped filming and let me know it was full 🙈 So I had to film in two parts and it took me two days to edit the material and cut out about 30%.

I tried my best with the color correction but my phone apparently did constant focusing or something so the lighting changes... My skill level isn't high enough yet so I could know how to fix that and I would rather fix the issue while filming and not in the editing phase.

Maybe you can hear that I tried my best to articulate better than in the previous videos and I succeeded in that. And I slowly learn editing tricks to make the video a smoother experience to the viewer.

So ladies and gentlemen, here is my newest video introducing my Moterm TN collection (and my spouse was not so happy to find out that I had eight of them in total 😅 )