Moterm for Hobonichi Weeks Comparison

Hello again :)

This is my second post this week but there is a good reason for it. I already made my second Youtube video ever!

I wanted to keep myself going and not giving myself time to come up with different kind of excuses why I can't make it. And you learn so much faster while you are doing and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Of course all the mistakes are frustrating - but I try to remind myself that I'm not aiming for perfection because that doesn't exist.

It is good enough. That is my mantra I keep repeating - but of course in Finnish which is my mother tongue. So the mantra goes se on riittävän hyvä but now I think I should change it to riittävän hyvä riittää which means good enough is enough.

Anyway, my second video is out there online so ladies and gentlemen, Kati plans on Youtube presents (aiming for proudly, but not quite there yet):

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