Gillio and Moterm Cover for Hobonichi Weeks Comparison

Just when you think that now you know something and this will get easier, you have so many problems on the way that you wonder will this ever get easier or only harder.

I made my fourth video right after the third because the third one took me so long.

I'm slowly getting a handle of how to do things easier. Learning tricks what to do when filming so that editing gets easier, but the more I learn the more I realize what I still need to learn.

Now my big issue is the sound. How to have a good sound in a video? What is the right sound level? How to fix background noice? And of course - how to get myself speak a bit better english and not that mumbling I do now... Argh.

Picture turns black in iMovie and an easy solution

This hint is now for you struggling with this issue, if you don't want to make the other things they suggest to help in this problem like turning your photo into a movie etc.

I had turned the photo into 16:9 ratio on my phone - just as I had done for the pictures in the previous videos, but now the picture just turned black when moving into iMovie.

I had done everything as I had done before when everything worked. So what changed?

The Easy Solution

Luckily my spouse noticed that the size of the photo was off. Although I had altered it to the 16:9 ratio on my phone just as I did before, this picture was for some reason two pixels wider than the previous ones.

So I just opened the picture in the Preview and cut the two extra pixels away and voilà - the photo worked fine in iMovie.

I was like WTF - you do everything as you used to do and suddenly things just stop working! This time my phone just didn't make a perfect 16:9 ratio photo - I don't understand that but luckily we found the problem and there was an easy solution to it. Didn't loose my nerves too much in this episode... :D

Bleep censor

For this video I also needed the bleep censor sound and was so surprised that there wasn't one ready in the iMovie library.

But my spouse came yet again for a rescue and made the sound I wanted and I'm pleased with the end result.

All in all I had so much fun making this video that I'm anxiously waiting to loose myself again in my new favorite hobby of video editing for hours on end...

So ladies and gentlemen, this is my baby, please enjoy right to the end so you get to hear the bleep censor sound my spouse made for me. But please don't watch if you don't like profanity ;)

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