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Hello, long time no see.

I have been busy with making videos - ok - mainly with editing them and making all the rookie mistakes.

I feel like this blog is going to be more like behind the scenes of things. What I learn and how I fix problems.

In my third video I changed from editing on my phone to editing on a computer, because my neck and back didn't handle the phone editing well.

But, there was a big but. My own computer crashes when trying video editing with it. It is just too old and has too little RAM so I had to borrow a computer to edit this video. So if I keep up with this new hobby I have to buy myself a new computer - or a used one but with more power than what my current almost eight year old little laptop has.

And of course, when switching from phone to computer I had to learn to use a new video editing program.

The first version I uploaded to YouTube had voice issues, so I had to fix that in the original video and then upload it again.

And I filmed on three different days so editing three videos into one was also a big job.

Despite all the problems on the way and a lot of things to learn I enjoy editing very much. It gives me joy, so when I have done all of days important work, I give myself a treat and do some video editing.

It's interesting to see where this new passion takes me in the long run.

But ladies and gentlemen, let me present you my third video with some pride already :)

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