Gillio and Moterm Cover for Hobonichi Weeks Comparison

Just when you think that now you know something and this will get easier, you have so many problems on the way that you wonder will this ever get easier or only harder.

I made my fourth video right after the third because the third one took me so long.

I'm slowly getting a handle of how to do things easier. Learning tricks what to do when filming so that editing gets easier, but the more I learn the more I realize what I still need to learn.

Now my big issue is the sound. How to have a good sound in a video? What is the right sound level? How to fix background noice? And of course - how to get myself speak a bit better english and not that mumbling I do now... Argh.

Picture turns black in iMovie and an easy solution

This hint is now for you struggling with this issue, if you don't want to make the other things they suggest to help in this problem like turning your photo into a movie etc.

I had turned the photo into 16:9 ratio on my phone - just as I had done for the pictures in the previous videos, but now the picture just turned black when moving into iMovie.

I had done everything as I had done before when everything worked. So what changed?

The Easy Solution

Luckily my spouse noticed that the size of the photo was off. Although I had altered it to the 16:9 ratio on my phone just as I did before, this picture was for some reason two pixels wider than the previous ones.

So I just opened the picture in the Preview and cut the two extra pixels away and voilà - the photo worked fine in iMovie.

I was like WTF - you do everything as you used to do and suddenly things just stop working! This time my phone just didn't make a perfect 16:9 ratio photo - I don't understand that but luckily we found the problem and there was an easy solution to it. Didn't loose my nerves too much in this episode... :D

Bleep censor

For this video I also needed the bleep censor sound and was so surprised that there wasn't one ready in the iMovie library.

But my spouse came yet again for a rescue and made the sound I wanted and I'm pleased with the end result.

All in all I had so much fun making this video that I'm anxiously waiting to loose myself again in my new favorite hobby of video editing for hours on end...

So ladies and gentlemen, this is my baby, please enjoy right to the end so you get to hear the bleep censor sound my spouse made for me. But please don't watch if you don't like profanity ;)


Gillio Appunto Slim Unboxing

Hello, long time no see.

I have been busy with making videos - ok - mainly with editing them and making all the rookie mistakes.

I feel like this blog is going to be more like behind the scenes of things. What I learn and how I fix problems.

In my third video I changed from editing on my phone to editing on a computer, because my neck and back didn't handle the phone editing well.

But, there was a big but. My own computer crashes when trying video editing with it. It is just too old and has too little RAM so I had to borrow a computer to edit this video. So if I keep up with this new hobby I have to buy myself a new computer - or a used one but with more power than what my current almost eight year old little laptop has.

And of course, when switching from phone to computer I had to learn to use a new video editing program.

The first version I uploaded to YouTube had voice issues, so I had to fix that in the original video and then upload it again.

And I filmed on three different days so editing three videos into one was also a big job.

Despite all the problems on the way and a lot of things to learn I enjoy editing very much. It gives me joy, so when I have done all of days important work, I give myself a treat and do some video editing.

It's interesting to see where this new passion takes me in the long run.

But ladies and gentlemen, let me present you my third video with some pride already :)


Moterm for Hobonichi Weeks Comparison

Hello again :)

This is my second post this week but there is a good reason for it. I already made my second Youtube video ever!

I wanted to keep myself going and not giving myself time to come up with different kind of excuses why I can't make it. And you learn so much faster while you are doing and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Of course all the mistakes are frustrating - but I try to remind myself that I'm not aiming for perfection because that doesn't exist.

It is good enough. That is my mantra I keep repeating - but of course in Finnish which is my mother tongue. So the mantra goes se on riittävän hyvä but now I think I should change it to riittävän hyvä riittää which means good enough is enough.

Anyway, my second video is out there online so ladies and gentlemen, Kati plans on Youtube presents (aiming for proudly, but not quite there yet):


Moterm for Hobonichi Weeks Unboxing


Long time no see but finally I'm back and I have my own channel on Youtube now!

My new life motto is Oh, screw it, let's just do it! and so I did my first Youtube video ever.

My other important life motto nowadays is it is good enough so that I get things done and don't try to make everything perfect before proceeding.

I have made and I will always make mistakes but that is life. So enjoy my first video - or don't - but here it is :)

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Kati plans on Youtube: